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sara & tegan

@marylambertsing full of scars, bruises & what not, thanks to them i can run hella fast & dance like the fool i am #lovemylegs #bodylove

TITLE: Island In The Sun

ARTIST: Weezer

PLAYS: 85,220 plays


this song goes so hard 

Anonymous asked: omggg it's perfect <3 thank you so much :D

sorry it took so long! i’m glad you liked it and thank you for requesting it 

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry, I didnt know you could draw. But hey! I really really like squids, so would you draw one for me? <3

posted! sorry it took so long, i hadn’t seen it!! 

for the squid loving anon!


You can’t give me orders!
The hell I can’t! I’m a Captain!

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is the reason so many girls on this website realise they might not be as straight as they thought because of the amount if information available about sexuality or because of selfie culture and the amount of hot women who use tumblr we just don’t know